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Wheel Alignment Service in Mississauga, ON

wheel alignmentsOur research shows that for every $1 dollar you invest in your vehicle maintenance saves you $15 in future repair costs.  The investment is clearly worth it.

Your vehicle requires regular wheel alignment service maintenance to ensure that your vehicle is aligned.  The Alignment of your vehicle’s angles while driving ensures the maximum performance of your vehicles tires but also ensures safety through proper vehicle handling.

How is an Alignment service performed at MARS in Mississauga, ON

Your vehicle wheel alignment is performed by a trained technician utilizing a wheel alignment machine.  Your vehicles suspension system is measured to ensure that the alignment between the suspension system to the wheels and tires.  It’s not an adjustment of the tires or wheels themselves.

Today’s alignment machines perform this measurement through sophisticated sensors and software.  Here at Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists we’ve invested in the industries most advanced wheel alignment systems to ensure our certified technicians have the proper equipment and software to diagnose and service your vehicles alignment system.

Our team provides you a very clear and transparent report of your vehicles alignment system, and any service required if any.  Our goal is to provide you the knowledge to ensure you make the proper preventative maintenance investments to ensure your vehicle maintains its original manufactured performance and safety standards.

The symptoms to watch out for include:

  • Off centered steering wheel
  • Vehicle pulling to the side of the road
  • Uneven tire tread wear or vibration

When your vehicles alignment isn’t accurate this will affect four key vehicle functions:

  1. Steering
  2. Suspension
  3. Safety
  4. Durability of your Tires

Are there any warnings on my dashboard to alert me when my vehicle alignment is off?

No there aren’t.  I know this sounds surprising, which is why regular alignment system checks are part of our standard 360 vehicle inspections here at MARS.  We perform our 360 vehicle inspections on regular intervals with all of our clients and provide a detailed report of your wheel alignment.

How does my vehicle loose its alignment?

Your vehicles wheel alignment is impacted by:

  • Potholes
  • Hitting curbs
  • General vehicle wear or worn out steering/suspension parts

How will a wheel alignment service help my vehicle?

There’s several reasons to ensure your vehicle wheel alignment is accurate.  The #1 reason is safety.

Your vehicle is engineered for optimal drivability and handling.  When your vehicle’s wheel alignment is off, you’re sacrificing your vehicles optimal performance.  Other benefits to having your suspension and wheels aligned includes:

  • Longer lasting tires
  • Smoother, more comfortable ride
  • Improved fuel economy

Did you know that over 30% of the vehicles on the road today require a wheel alignment?

Because of this high percentage, the team at MARS educates every customer regardless of the service being performed, we perform an alignment check and communicate an alignment report.

As part of our preventative maintenance schedule, we perform a wheel alignment check (2 times a year) for our clients.

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