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All-Weather Tires

All-weather tires are remarkable feats of tire engineering. They are crafted to have a dynamic tread design and engineered with the right rubber compounds to be able to handle any weather condition. If you’re looking for all-weather tires in or near Etobicoke, Ontario. The Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists can help you out.

We have a wide variety of all-weather tires for sale made from the most popular tire brands on the planet. We also offer great advice. If you’re searching for the best all-weather tires for your SUV, hatchback, pick-up truck, or station wagon, we can give you the information you need to make the correct decision.

What are all-weather tires?

All-weather tires offer a solution for drivers who don’t want to keep changing the tires on their vehicle with the seasons. All-weathers meet all the weather-specific safety requirements, and they provide features that drivers need in winter, spring, summer, and fall. These tires give you a consistent driving experience, without the worry of changing or storing tires seasonally.

What makes all-weather tires a good year-round choice?

All-weather tires offer the ideal year-round option by combining features from winter tires and all-season tires. These features include:

  • Increased sipe density on the inside treads to improve traction on ice and snow
  • Decreased sipe density on the outside treads to increase traction on wet and dry roads
  • Snow claws for added traction in deep snow
  • Increased black rigidity for added traction in wet and icy conditions
  • Slush Grooves to move slush away from the tire to help get traction when driving in the snow
  • Multi-wave sipes that provide a smooth ride while minimizing uneven wear as well as improve braking capabilities on wet, dry, or icy roads
  • Increased stability for improved overall handling

Unlike all-seasons, all-weather tires meet the winter safety requirements of the Rubber Association of Canada. That means that they’re safe for winter driving, but they also deliver superior handling throughout the summer. During all four seasons, these tires maintain a high resistance to wear and tear, so they are a durable choice for any driver.

What are the best all-weather tires for my SUV?

Wondering what brand and model of all-weather tire is perfect your specific vehicle? After all, the best all-weathers for an SUV may not be the same as the best all-weather tires for a sedan or other vehicle. At the Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists, we can help.

Our technicians and tire experts can recommend the perfect all-weather tires for you depending on your vehicle and your driving habits. You can even use our handy online tool to help you figure it out. Click here to use our Shop Tires resource where you can search by tire size or vehicle type to determine the best all-weather options for you.

Contact the Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists for the best all-weather tires in Etobicoke, ON.

If you’re looking for the best all-weather tires for your SUV, hatchback, coupe, light truck, or other vehicle, come to the Meadowvale Auto Repair Specialists. To book an appointment for all-weather tire installation, tire balancing, or tire rotation, please click here. To learn more about all-weather tires, or our other products and services, you can contact us through our website or call us at 905-821-4992.


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